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This is a site on my redesigned Battlebot. It is a 12 - 15 pound feather weight bot. its design is a 6 inch spinning hammer mill. it is using mostly everything from my other battlebot(baby sledge) except the rotar motor i got from my first bot. the disk should spin close to 1,000 rpm's, that means 33 hits per second. Upper Cut is a very fast, almost to the point of uncontrolable.

I will list updates on the progress of Upper Cut here and photos will be in the photo page.

Today my Battle Bot page opens.
Also today, i welded more of my frame together. Now i can put all of the guts in. Tomorrow i will get more of the frame welded and start putting the armor on.
Today i will hopefully put up my photo page on this web page. i need to take more pics so it will look half descent. There i will have descriptions on what i am doin in each pic.
Well as u can see i havent go the photo page up. one reason is cause i forgot to bring the camera with me to work on the bbot. I am goin to be busy tonight so i cant do it then either. Hopefully it will be up by tomorrow. i did do a little to the bot though. I am redesigning my bbot, so all i am really doin is changing the frame and putting the same drive train and electronics in it. So i have half of the frame welded but and i just mounted everything into the frame. Basically all that is left is to weld the top in and put armor on it. well thats all.
THE BUILD DIARY IS UP!!! I got it working today. IT is in the photo page. there are some pics and camptions for it.CECK IT OUT!!!
Things are goin kind of slow for Upper Cut. I did buy some new batteries for him though. There is more info in the photo page.
The batteris are in. More info at the Photo Page.

Baby Sledge has now turned into Upper cut. I am changin it to bot with a spinning hammermill spinning at 1000 rpms. i have started making changed to the bot but i havent loaded the pics on yet. they will be loaded very soon. there is a pic of what my design should look like in the photo page.
The major update is that my webpage has changed to uppercut.freewebspace.com because i have changed the name of baby sledge. There is totally new design and i have already started on working on it. IT IS IN THE BUILD DIARY!!!

Welcome To Upper Cut's Home Page.
In this web page I while have a day to day building page. It will prolly be under What's New Page. You can find pics of the updates in the PHOTO PAGE. You can Contact me with any questions or comments aobut the site, Battle Bots, or anything else.

What do u think about my site?